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Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter from Wallington Wines! This Newsletter is bought to you by the team at Wallington Wines. Read on to find out what’s happening at Wallington Wines this Autumn, as we wrap up another vintage, and start working towards bottling some new wines.                 Desmond and Yop, Dutch wwoofers helping for vintage                                                             Crushing Chardonnay                  Grenache pressed Message from Margaret Welcome everyone to our Autumn edition [...]


Vintage continues – Chardonnay

February and March has been a constant flow of picking, crushing ,fermenting and pressing. Steve has been cacooned in the winery for what seems like months, but has certainly kept things flowing, he is very happy with the quality of the grapes and has continued with our practice of wild fermentation. The WOOFERS(willing workers on organic farms), Jop, Desmond, Michael, Yohanna and Anna have been here for 3 months now so have learnt a lot about Australian country life [...]



We have been harvesting grapes since late January this year. All our grapes are hand picked into 10kg crates and processed on site, so it is a very hands on activity. To this end we have a dedicated local team who have worked with us for many years and we have young travellers who like to have the experience of working and living in the countryside.


Vintage 2018: Part 1

We know when vintage is creeping up on us with the arrival of the BIRDS!! After months of watering, feeding, weed chipping and disease control it can be heartbreaking to watch the crop disappear in a few short days. Not this year as we were prepared, first with the deterring gas gun placement, always near the ripest varieties and as we have several we can surround different blocks, and our second strategy is bird netting in place before the [...]

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