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This Newsletter is bought to you by the team at Wallington Wines. Read on to find out what’s happening at Wallington Wines this Autumn, as we wrap up another vintage, and start working towards bottling some new wines.









Desmond and Yop, Dutch wwoofers helping for vintage                                    









 Crushing Chardonnay 









Grenache pressed

Message from Margaret

Welcome everyone to our Autumn edition newsletter from the expanded family here at Wallington.
I am so happy to announce my youngest daughter Gabrielle is expecting her first child, due in November. This little one will be the first grandchild of the family and I fear I shall be referred to now as grandmother Wallington. Isabelle my eldest has recently made the move to Orange which brings her closer to home. Veronica my second youngest has been extremely busy with the opening of her gym, PLC in the Goldcoast while due to be married in June in Bali. Nadja my second eldest has completed her 5th vintage with Philip Shaw Wines and remains a constant support to Wallington Wines, consulting with the winemaking.
Looking ahead we are developing some new catchy labels which will see the first time since the brands inception in 1994 of a new look. Watch this space.
I hope everyone is rugging up for the months ahead with a glass of Bald Hill in hand.


2018 Canowindra Balloon Festival

Another great year for the Canowindra Balloon Festival with over 250 campers around town creating a buzz for the 35 registered pilots participating. The main event was of course the Balloon Glow lighting up the night sky with magnificent colours.

The Canowindra Balloon Festival this Autumn saw amazing weather for all the pilots floating around in the clear blue skies








In the Winery

As vintage has finished for the 2018 season and all the wines are safely in there homes over the winter period we look to bottle some new wines. With the 2017 Rose kicking of the order we soon hope to bottle our 2017 Chardonnay and a 2016 Tempranillo. This will be the first time we have bottled the Tempranillo as a single variety and we are very excited by this wine. We will let you know when and where you can get them.

Our new bottling filler is working perfectly as we test it for the first time with our 2017 Grenache Rose. Hand picked all the way to hand bottled!








Whats going on

Thank you for those who came out and said hello at the Wines of the West in Katoomba in January. A great weekend in the historic Carrington Hotel. Such a lovely place to taste wine.

Over winter come and say hello. We are always open by appointment with our delicious wood fire pizzas, ploughman’s lunch and general catering available for functions / group bookings.

Margaret keeping an eye on things at the winery








Vintage Report 2018

Yet another vintage has passed us by with excellent quality across the board. This year for Wallington saw a shift in winemaking with Steve taking the reins. A hot year with no disease pressure, the quality of the fruit coming into the winery was without fault. With most of the varieties ripening close together Steve had his hands full making space for it all.
Overall Wallington processed around 20 tonnes of fruit across 9 different varieties. The Grenache and Tempranillo varieties are stand outs with varietal fruit purity and structure. These wines are certainly ones to watch in the future.

Gourmet Traveller visited the region last month and we are excited to announce being the Best Small Cellar Door in the Cowra Region. Thanks to all your continued support over the years.









Very proud of this acknowledgement

In the Vineyard

And the sheep are in!
We still have the Autumn leaves on the vines but they’ll soon be whisked away by the winters cold. The sheep are doing a marvellous job of gardening around the vines, keeping everything in check. It won’t be long before we are out there in the cool mornings sculpting up the vines again over winter.

An important part of our holistic approach to farming is carrying out biodynamics. May will see the autumn application of the Biodynamic preparation 500 (cow horn manure). This is a soil spray used to bring the sun/life forces to the soil. These forces help in seed germination, root development, growth of the plant as well as humus formation of the soil. It improves the soil structure and helps the beneficial bacteria and fungi and earthworms.

Cooking with Wine

A special segment goes out to Isabella’s partner Charles. He recently made a delicious dessert with the inclusion of our Wallington Rose. (see recipe below)
Heat up 2 bottles of Wallington Rose over medium heat to remove some alcohol. Soak around 10 leaves titanium strength gelatine in cold water. Once Rose is warm enough, remove a third into another pot. Dissolve a cup and a half of castor sugar or to taste. Pour back into main pot of Rose until desired sweetness is achieved. Remove gelatine leaves from cold water and squeeze out any excess water. Place into the warm sweetened Rose mixture and stir to dissolve. Remove Rose from heat and let cool before placing into dariole moulds. Thinly slice strawberries, blackberries and raspberries with basil and place at bottom of dariole moulds. Fill moulds half way and let set in fridge. Once set, fill the rest of the mould with the Rose mixture and set in fridge overnight. When serving remove the mould by placing in warm water for a few seconds and turn upside down on the plate. Serve with vanilla mascarpone and garnish with basil, mint and unsalted pistachio nuts.






Wine Special

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From the entire Wallington family we hope you stay safe and drop in for a visit when you can.
‘No poem was ever written by a drinker of water’
Homer, (Eighth Century BC)

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