The Olives

The Olive Grove

We planted our grove of olives in 1997, consisting of Paragon, Correggiola, Frantoio (most prominent trees grown in Tuscany) and Barnea (Israel). These are varieties grown specifically for high-quality oil production. We have 600 trees.

Our olives are certified biodynamic and organic, they were established with irrigation but now look after themselves with what nature provides. They are easy to care, disease and pests have not been a problem after the establishment years. A biannual pruning keeps them in a shape suitable for tree shaking for harvest, and grazing sheep strategically keep the weeds away and grasses under control.

Harvested olives are delivered to a local olive press for processing, which takes place shortly after delivery, they are cold pressed to preserve their natural qualities and have always been acid level tested to an extra virgin standard which is the highest standard for Olive oil worldwide. The oil is the left to settle for several months before bottling.

Organic Olive Oil
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