The Family

The Wallington Story

It all started back in 1990. Margaret & Anthony moved from Sydney to escape the city life for the fresh country air.

Over the following 10 years, whilst raising 4 young daughters, Anthony and Margaret embarked on their dream of creating boutique wine.

Passing through the family generations now, Margaret hands over the winemaking to her second eldest daughter Nadja and her partner Steve. Together the family continues the unique brand of Wallington Wines.

All daughters remain actively involved in some way with the business and a very strong family the connection is central to the sustainability of the farm as a whole.

Steve, Nadja and Margaret now collectively run the 1000 acre property, vineyard and winery, supporting one another as a family run, owned and operated a business!

The Wallington Girls
Margaret in the Vineyard Margaret Wallington

Margaret moved to Rockdell farm with her husband Anthony and daughters Isabella and Nadja...

Nadja Wallington

Nadja fell in love with the wine industry culture while in high school, working...

Steve in France Steve Mobbs

Steven grew up on a family vineyard on the North Coast of N.S.W. After...

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