Margaret & Anthony Wallington, moved from Sydney in 1990 to escape the city life for the fresh country air. Over the next 10 years, in conjunction with raising 4 young daughters, Anthony and Margaret embarked on a dream of creating boutique wine.

Since Anthony’s death in 2003, Margaret and her 4 daughters continued to produce carefully crafted wines and have embraced the principals of organic and biodynamic agriculture. On their 400ha property, they also grow a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and olives for extra virgin oil production, as well as raising sheep and cattle for meat. The winemaking and tastings take place on site in their unusual Straw Bale Winery built in time for the 2000 harvest.

With the daughters now grown up, Margaret continued running the family business and establishing her name as a leader in the expertise of farm & wine biodynamics. The second eldest, Nadja was soon to follow in her mothers footsteps and after graduating from Charles Stuart University with a distinguished double Wine Science/viticulture Degree, she travelled the world gaining first hand experience in some of todays leading wine regions including South Africa, The United States of America and France primarily Bourdeaux. On arriving back to Australia, Nadja took on the wine making position at Philip Shaw Wines Orange. She also continued to support her mother, becoming heavily involved in the wine making process, and with her partner Steve Mobbs, together helped forge a new direction for Wallington Wines.

Steve, Nadja and Margaret now collectively run the 1000acre property, vineyard and winery, supporting one another as a family run, owned and operated business that is really only just beginning!

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